Pakistan.  The country which is continuously being framed globally for supporting terrorists or hardliners ,has a completely different side of story to share. Has anyone ever thought that if it supported the hardliners, why did the Pakistanis out of all had to die everyday due to suicide attacks ? Why did their children die in classrooms ?why did their civilians and armed officers die in blasts ? Why were the innocent people offering the Friday prayer blasted ? Why everyday we leave our houses with uncertainty regarding our safe returns ? There must be a reason why the terrorists hate us so much ? Yes ! Certainly there is . And that is because we have fought back. Because we fought against extremism since always. We sacrificed our children but did not support terrorism. We did not get scared and did not bend down to the terrorist groups even  when our  houses received coffins of our brothers and father’s  with half of their body parts missing .our officers did not give in even when their family members were abducted. So isnt it ironic when a nation that has lost so much but continues to fight back is blamed for something so sickening ? Blamed for supporting the people who took away our happiness and peace ?

This blog is an attempt to get the actual picture across through stories of the victims and their families with the hope that via these stories the world will salute and acknowledge the heart-wrenching sacrifices of this nation and give it the respect that it deserves for PAKISTAN has been a constant fighter. our people are the real heroes against terrorism. SO, LETS HEAR IT OUT FROM THE BRAVE HEARTS! ❤