Yes I’ve fought!

Honouring our heroes…


This blog is an attempt to tell out our roller coaster life journeys. This would give out an insight regarding what PAKISTAN has gone through to restore peace in the region and fight terrorism in the world. We shall tell you how fearless we’ve been in fighting something that seemed dauntless to the world. We ‘ve proofed to be indomitable! images (60) We’re unbreakable and showed our determination for the cause. Even if it meant giving up our land ,our jobs,our families or even our lives. We’ve given up the most for peace and harmony! We ‘ve given up the most and all that we had to bring back peace and eradicate terror from the face of this planet . This war against terrorism wasn’t just ours, but still we fought like we were the only soldiers destined for it. Hear it out from us so that you get to know what Pakistan has gone through to save this planet from a plague called terrorism.

Author: Lifestories

Dreamer. Freelance writer. A patriot. Strongly believe in speaking up against injustice and terrorism. this blog is an attempt to get the true picture in front off world, of a country that fought against terrorism and injustice. Stories of the real heroes.

10 thoughts on “Yes I’ve fought!”

  1. I’m so glad you are creating a blog like this. Your voices need to be heard. You’ve written a very effective first post. You’ve drawn people in through your words and through your pictures. Welcome to the WordPress blogging community. I believe you will find a lot of support here.

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    1. It is just tooo kind of you to take a look at my writings. This support of yours will encourage me to write better. I take this blog as a challenge on myself , and ill try my best to do justice to the life experiences and sacrifices of my nation through my articles.
      Your constant feedback and support is needed. Thankful.

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    1. Thankyou so much for the kind words and feedback ! I’ll make sure all of the people who are showing support, get amazing stuff to read on this blog.
      Your feedback will always be of great importance. And would help me improve.


      1. You are very welcome! I love connecting with other bloggers (teamwork makes the dream work)! If you enjoyed reading my blog, click the “follow” button – I will continue to follow your blogging journey as well! 🙂

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