Chalice and blood

Part 1


Muree, the hill station known as “queen of mountains”, was my home. This is where I had come to live with my husband Abdul rehman after we got married in a small village of fazalgarh ..some kilometers away from the capital of the country.

Muree was beautiful. Loved everything about this place except for the monkeys who roamed around freely like they owned the world. I had a two bedroom cottage ,on the top of a mountain,made  with wood and huge clay bricks ,it had a tin roof which made the raindrops sound like a dancing melody.Every night id sit on the small brick fence of my courtyard to look down at thousands of small lights that seemed all over the felt like i was looking at the sky from somewhere above. The sky full of twinkling stars.Abdul would come over my shoulder and look down to see what kept me engrossed so much ,but seeing nothing he’d laugh at me shaking his head and would joke around asking if I had never seen lights before.I would shyly smile and lower my gaze blushing but the truth was,this scene actually fascinated me.had never seen something so beautiful before. MURREE at night,from my little cottage actually looked like the sky under my feet.

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life was more then beautiful. Abdul worked as a carpenter and was amazingly good at his job.he could mend anything and everything. My handsome husband was just too perfect. Sometimes at night I’d quietly watch him sleep.there was always so much satisfaction on his face. The satisfaction that comes when you have a clear conciense, when you know youve always been helpful to everyone and true to your work. When you know you’re working extremely hard to bring legal money home.when you know theres nobody on the planet who could point a finger at your character or your loyalty towards your work.when you know you are a true Muslim who would do anything to serve mankind. when you know your God is happy with you. and now I realise that  God definately was very happy with him and that is the reason he chose Abdul rehman to be his special servant.

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The freezing winter wind of murree that’d cut through your flesh in the evenings didn’t bother me much as I had the warmth of my husband’s love that kept me going through anything that came in the way. i would happily wash our clothes in the chilling small waterfall nearby, id happyily gather sticks and  light them up to cook for him on my mud stove. Id cut wood logs to make a small bonfire so that Abdul could sit beside it with me ,enjoying his evening tea. I would carefully take the burning coal in an iron tub, inside my hut later ,to keep us warm. Life was very good to me.

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We had a son, ahmed sher khan aged two and a baby daughter named zarnigaar.abdur rehman wanted him to be very brave and join the army so he thought sher (lion)would be a suitable name. And unlike other men of our village who preferred sons , he considered our daughter to be our lucky charm. He believed she was an angel sent down by the almighty to fill our lives with joy and hapoiness. And God proved him right by sending a very good job his way. He was offered the job of a carpenter in a missionary boarding school half an hour away from my beautiful cottage. Both of us were very excited …days were going to get better.

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He started his job and much to our glee the first salary was 4k!we just couldn’t get our feet on the ground. so much money could get us so many things. (Not that I was starving before this .My husband was a very hard working man and he would get me everything previously too with his approximately 2.5k/month earning, and we were equally satisfied back then) but this money could be added as a perk .sher Khan could get the new toy jeep he had been asking for and zaro baby could get a new frock that had frills around the waist . Abdul had been wanting to buy it for the last 2 months for her. But obviously I thought it was a waste of money back then. This was a beautiful start for us. Zaro baby sure was our good luck angel . The holy book even stated that daughters were a blessing of the almighty. Me and Abdul were totally fortunate.



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